How to use Fertility Crystals

For centuries, fertility crystals have been used to cleanse energetic blocks that may be interfering  with fertility.  With fertility issues on a rise, people are seeking alternative therapy practices by the use of healing crystals.  It is believed that health issues can stem from problems in your energy centers, also known as “chakras”.  Crystal healing practitioners believe that each crystal has metaphysical properties, which, when kept close to the body, can correct any energy related imbalances or blockages. 


Fertility crystals in particular tend to revolve around the heart chakra, root chakra, and sacral chakra.  The most suggested crystal for fertility is the moonstone, which is known as the Stone of New Beginnings. The moon stone is often referred to as the Woman’s Healing Stone, because it aligns with the moon’s feminine energy and represents emotional stability. Crystal Healers recommend using Moonstone for fertility by setting your goal of fertility on a full moon while holding the moonstone. Then, you can wear it as jewelry or place it on your nightstand or under your pillow.  

The following is a list of the most suggested Fertility Stones. These stones are said to help increase fertility, heal reproductive organs, boost sexual energy, and regulate your menstrual cycle. 

  • Moonstone – Balance & Stability
  • Rose Quartz – Loving Energy 
  • Green Aventurine – Abundance 
  • Jade – Luck & Balance
  • Rhodonite – Birth Confidence
  • Carnelian – Encouragement 
  • Unakite – Health & Harmony 
  • Clear Quartz – Amplify Intentions
  • Citrine – Uplifting
  • Amethyst – Serenity
  • Selenite – Protection 


A few suggestions on ways to use your stones:

  • Wear your “fertility stones” as jewelry.  This is the most traditional way of keeping your stones close.  There are many artists creating hand-made pieces according to your needs. Search for a trusted lapidary artist and create a one of a kind piece you can wear everyday. 
  • If stone jewelry is not your style, you can also opt to set the stones on a selenite bowl, grid plate, or wood bowl.  
  • Place the “fertility stones” on your womb.  

We all need a little extra love and support from the universe.  Looking after your emotional wellbeing and cleansing your chakras is a great place to start. While I personally did not struggle with fertility issues, I know a lot of friends that have, and it’s becoming a common issue nowadays. Whether you practice crystal healing or not, it won’t hurt to give it a try.  

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