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The Campo del Cielo Meteorite: Ultimate Guide

Campo del cielo meteorite

Explore the fascinating history, scientific significance, and cultural meaning of the Campo del Cielo meteorite in this comprehensive article. Learn about the meteorite’s age, price per gram, and how to spot a fake specimen. Discover the benefits of studying this unique space rock, and find out why the Campo del Cielo meteorite is a valuable addition to the field of meteoritics.

Moldavite: Tracing the origins of this rare Tektite

Moldavite Tektite

Moldavite is a rare and unusual gemstone that has fascinated geologists and collectors for centuries. This green glassy material is found primarily in the Czech Republic and is believed to have formed as a result of a meteorite impact that occurred around 15 million years ago. Understanding the geologic origins of Moldavite can reveal important insights into the forces that shape our planet and the history of our solar system.

Campo del Cielo Meteorite: Tracing the Origins of a Space Rock

Campo del cielo meteorite

The Campo del Cielo meteorite is a piece of space rock that has captured the attention of scientists and researchers for decades. The meteorite is named after the region in Argentina where it was first discovered, which means “Field of Heaven.” The meteorite field is located in the Gran Chaco region of northwestern Argentina, near the city of Gancedo. It is one of the most important meteorite fields in the world, with over 30 meteorites having been found in the area, weighing from a few kilograms to over 100 tons.