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All About Agate

All About Agate

Locations: USA, Mexico, India, Morocco, Africa, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic

Hardness: 6.5 to 7 (Mohs)

Colors: Red, orange, yellow, brown, blue, black, banded, single color, or spotted

Corresponding Chakra: Depends on the color of the agate.

Metaphysical Properties: Agate balances the emotional, physical, and mental bodies with the etheric energies. It stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect, which acts to smooth dysfunctional energies and transform and eliminate negativity.

It is known to strengthen the sight, reduce thirst and boost marital loyalty. Agate brings tranquility, protection, and acceptance of yourself and others as they are. They are used during pregnancy for both mother and child, relieving discomfort.

Agate helps the wearer to decide between genuine friends and false ones. It is said to deter storms and lightning, protect children from danger, bring prosperity and prevent miscarriages.

Application and use: Agate should be worn directly on the skin. Once a month it should be cleansed under running water. The sun increases its powerful energy.

**Disclaimer: All metaphysical or healing properties listed here are information from multiple sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Miami Mining Co. does not guarantee the truth of any of these statements.